Unleashing Technological Mastery: Crime Scene Forensics with Forensic Workstation

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In the intricate world of crime scene forensics, the Forensic Workstation emerges as a technological powerhouse, redefining the landscape of investigative processes. Boasting integration with the latest Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, this advanced processing engine, employed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense, stands at the forefront of innovation. This article delves into the capabilities of the Forensic Workstation and explores how its triad of tools—Video Active, Video Investigator, and Automeasure—propel crime scene investigations to new heights.

The Forensic Workstation: An Epitome of Innovation

At the heart of crime scene forensics lies the Forensic Workstation, a testament to the marriage of technology and investigative prowess. The Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, an integral part of this workstation, encapsulates the epitome of innovation, offering a seamless integration of tools that empower forensic investigators to unravel complex cases with unprecedented precision.

Navigating the Tri-Suite 64 Arsenal

Video Active: Precision in Forensic Capture

Video Active, a cornerstone of the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, transforms forensic capture and camera calibration into a precise art form. With a keen focus on accuracy, this tool ensures that every frame and pixel of captured footage is meticulously calibrated, laying the groundwork for a forensic investigation founded on reliability and integrity.

Video Investigator: Pinnacle of Forensic Image Processing

In the realm of forensic image processing, Video Investigator takes center stage as a global leader. Armed with state-of-the-art algorithms, it unravels the intricacies within images, bringing forth details that might elude the unaided eye. From enhancing resolution to isolating critical elements, Video Investigator empowers investigators to extract invaluable insights from visual evidence.

Automeasure: Crafting 3D Perspectives for Analysis

Completing the Tri-Suite 64 trifecta is Automeasure, an advanced crime scene photogrammetry solution. As investigators seek to reconstruct crime scenes in three dimensions, Automeasure emerges as the linchpin. Its ability to craft accurate 3D representations facilitates a deeper understanding of spatial relationships, aiding in the comprehensive analysis of crime scene dynamics.


In the dynamic landscape of crime scene forensics, the Forensic Workstation, armed with the Cognitech Tri-Suite 64, stands as a beacon of technological mastery. Video Active ensures the precision of forensic capture, Video Investigator elevates image processing to unparalleled heights, and Automeasure opens new vistas with advanced photogrammetry. Together, these tools propel investigative capabilities, allowing the Vietnamese Ministry of Defense to navigate the complexities of crime scenes with unmatched precision. As technology continues to advance, the Forensic Workstation remains at the forefront of transformative innovations, promising a future where the intricacies of crime are unveiled through the lens of cutting-edge forensic science.

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